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Blue Mouth Sweets Blue Mouth Sweets
4 in stock
Blue Mouth Sweets When your victim eats the sweets their mouths turn blue! A classic prank. Contains 3 sweets.
Dirty Face Soap Dirty Face Soap
11 in stock
Dirty Face Soap The Dirty Face Soap will make your unsuspecting friends hands and face turn black! A classic trick has the fun factor and will be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. One bar of soap in the pack.
Dog Poo Dog Poo
10 in stock
Dog Poo Fake dog poo a great prank to play on your family and friends
Fart Whistle Fart Whistle
2 in stock
Fart Whistle Lets face it farts are funny! This funny fart whistle can be hidden in a pocket until the right occasion arises. Each whistle measures 10.5cm and is not suitable for children under 3. Sold seperately, please note that we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive.
Horrible Finger Horrible Finger
10 in stock
Horrible Finger This rubber finger has a bloody wound and comes complete with blood stained bandages.
Hot Sweets Hot Sweets
12 in stock
Hot Sweets These sweets pack a serious punch, when your victim eats them and watch them gasp for water! A classic prank. Contains 3 sweets.
Itching Powder Itching Powder
9 in stock
Itching Powder Small packet of itching powder. Contains Rosehip powder. Do not use on sensitive skin, unsuitable for children under 9.
Nail Through Finger Nail Through Finger
6 in stock
Nail Through Finger This goory finger will trick, will make everyone think you have a nail through your finger. Each pack includes a bloody bandage and nail.
Snappy Gum Snappy Gum
2 in stock
Snappy Gum Offer your unsuspecting victim a piece of gum, and as they take one it will snap at them.
Squirt Gum Squirt Gum
1 in stock
Squirt Gum Offer your unsuspecting victim a stick of gum and watch as they receive a squirt in the face.
Squirt Lighter Squirt Lighter
7 in stock
Squirt Lighter Offer your unsuspecting victim a light and watch as they receive a squirt in the face.
Squirt Ring Squirt Ring
4 in stock
Squirt Ring Show your friends and family your new ring and watch as they receive a squirt in the face.


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